10 Personality Preferred

Some personality who liked a good man or woman:

1. Sincerity is ranked first as the nature of the most liked by everyone. Sincerity makes others feel safe and appreciated for sure not be fooled or deceived. People who are sincere are always telling the truth, do not like making it up, pretend, make excuses or distort facts. The principle is “Yes on Yes and No on No”. It would be more ideal if the sincerity is as soft as dove was offset by the ingenuity of a serpent. That way, the sincerity of innocence that can not be self-defeating.

2. Differences with low self-esteem which is a weakness, it reveals the power of humility. Only the strong soul who can be humble. He was like growing rice contains more down. People who are humble can recognize and appreciate the excellence of others. He can make people feel okay on it and make people underneath do not feel inferior.

3. Loyalty is a rare commodity and very high price. People who are always loyal to be trusted and relied upon. He always keep their promises, has a strong commitment, self-sacrificing and not like treason.

4. People with positive attitude always trying to see things from a positive lens, even in a bad situation though. He prefers to talk about goodness than badness of other people, prefer to talk about hope drpd despair, rather than the frustrating search for solutions, rather praise than criticize, and so on.

5. Because not everyone is blessed with cheerful temperament, so the fun does not have to mean facial expressions and body but the heart attitude. People who cheer are people who can enjoy life, do not like to complain and are always trying to achieve happiness. He can laugh at the situation, others, also himself. He has the potential to entertain and encourage others.

6. The responsible person shall implement their obligations seriously. If you make a mistake, he dared to admit. When a failure, he will not seek scapegoats to blame. Even if he felt disappointed and hurt, he would not blame anyone. He realizes that he alone is responsible for any experienced and felt.

7. Self-esteem enables one to receive him
as they are, appreciate him and appreciate others. People who believe themselves easily adapt to new environments and situations. He knows what to do and do it well.

8. Greatness of soul can be seen dr person’s ability to forgive others. People with big hearts do not let themselves dominated by hatred and hostility. When facing difficult times he remained strong, not letting himself get lost in grief and despair.

9. People who think life is easy going light. He does not like to exaggerate minor problems. Even tried to play down big problems. He does not like to bring up the past and did not want to worry about the future. He does not want a headache and stress with the problems that are beyond its control.

10. Empathy is a very admirable character. People who empathize not only a good listener but also can put yourself in someone else’s. When there is conflict he is always looking for the best solution for both parties, do not like to impose an opinion and his own. He always tried to comprehend and understand other people.

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Dreams and the ability to organize thoughts November 18, 2007
Posted by safruddin in Articles Motivation.

How often do we admire the things around us. We admire God’s creation, as the universe with everything in it: the mountains, seas, rivers, forests, and all the wondrous beauty of His creation. We also admire the beauty and sophistication even human creations, such as tall buildings, computers, communications equipment, spacecraft and even the various symbols of luxury such as: Ralph Lauren clothes, shoes Bally, Mont Blanc pens, Giorgio Armani tie, and various types of luxury cars such as Mercedes Benz, BMW, Jaguar, and sebagainya.Kita often made amazed by the things that are beyond us these. But on the other we would often do not realize and never give thanks for God’s wonderful creation and that is a masterpiece (master piece) the most perfect God (the ultimate creation) of all other creatures, namely us, human. Each of us is very precious, valuable, unique, and very beautiful, and far more valuable than anything in this world.

Have we realized that our body consists of 200 bones of different shapes are strung and perfectly composed, packed with billions of muscle fibers and is coordinated by a neural network whose length is not less than 10 kilometers. Our heart is an amazing mechanical pump, which beat the average 36 million times each year throughout our lives, without ever resting. While our brain is a sophisticated computer that controls more than one hundred tasks (super multi-tasking) simultaneously in our body system.
Have we also realize that each of us is unique and each one of us is different than other people. None of the people in this world that are identical or similar, even identical twins are not. This means that as God’s most perfect creation, we each also has its advantages and strengths that differ from one another. Confidence is what must underlie every struggle and effort we achieved the best things in life.

Do we ever realize that a parking is standing next to a Mercedes S700 car, is far more amazing and incredible than the car. The parking is a creation of God Almighty, while luxury cars are human creations, but we admire even more the car is compared to a human being is created in the divine perfection.

According to Stephen Covey, there are four grace of God to man which are not specifically owned by the creation of another. The four divine grace is what makes humans unique and has the power to become co-creator of life.
1. Self-awareness, namely the ability to think about our own thinking process. This is the reason why humans have power over all things in this world and why humans can make significant progress from generation to generation.

2. Imagination, the ability to create in our minds beyond our present reality.

3. Conscience, that inner awareness of right and wrong, about the principles that govern our behavior, and understanding about the rate at which our thoughts and actions in harmony with these principles.

4. The willingness, the ability to act on our self-awareness, free from all other influences.

With the fourth divine grace means real human capacity is unlimited. This is because we have all the necessary things to create (imagination) on the basis of guidance or guidelines as embodied conscience of self-awareness and encouraged by free will in us.

If we look around us, all things created by men, not one that is created without first through a process of imagination and tireless efforts to realize it (free will) and based on the guidance of intuition, inspiration, or inspiration. This means that each of us also has the unique ability to create and realize any imagination or mental picture in our minds that there is a physical reality or reality.

Iceberg Analogy and Hidden Power of We
Every human being is basically not realize the power it has, until finally at a point when some people are successful can find these secret and / or obtain and be whatever they dream and wish for this. Strength is like the iceberg that we did not know before.

David J. Schwartz in his book The Magic of Thinking Big suggest four reasons or excuses why many people do not achieve the dreams or success. Pretext is a pretext include health, age excuses, excuses excuses intelligence and luck. The fourth thing that is often used by humans to convince himself that the success and extraordinary life was not for him. We are limited to our minds. This statement is very appropriate to show that whatever happens we are, whatever we’ve got it all depends on what we think and we believe.

Six Man Main Strength
1. Power of Dreams (The Power of Dreams)
To obtain the best things in life, every dream and we must have a clear purpose in life. Each of us must dare to dream of beautiful things and we want the best for our lives and the lives of those we love. Without dreams, our lives will run without direction and finally we are unaware and unable to control where we are going toward real life.

2. The power of Focus (The Power of Focus)
Focus is power (power) to see something (including the future, dreams, goals or other things such as: strength / strengths and weaknesses / weakness in myself, the opportunities around us, and so forth) more clearly and take steps to achieve them . Like a lens that helps one to see more clearly, the power of focus helps us see the dreams, goals, and our strength more clearly, so we did not hesitate in stepping to make it happen.

3. Power of Self-Discipline (The Power of Self Discipline)
Repetition is a powerful force for achieving excellence. We are what we repeatedly do. According to the philosopher Aristotle, excellence is a habit. Wake habits of self discipline is consistently and constantly doing something that brings the action on top of one’s achievement. Habits we will determine our future. To build a habit, it needs a strong self-discipline. While discipline is how we beat ourselves and control them to achieve the dreams and the best things in life.

4. Strength Struggle (The Power of Survival)
Every human being is given the power to face the difficulties and suffering. Precisely through the difficulties that we are formed into God’s creation is strong in the face of many difficulties and failures. Often we forget to learn how to face failures and difficulties of life, because precisely the failure itself is an element or material (ingredient) which primary in achieving success and abundant life.

5. Power of Learning (The Power of Learning)
One of the strengths of man is his ability to learn. By learning we can deal with and create change in our lives. By learning we can grow day by day become better human beings. Learning is a lifelong process. So by continuing to learn in this life, we can continue to improve our lives on a higher level.

6. Mind Power (The Power of Mind)
The mind is God’s greatest gift and most beautiful. By understanding how to work and know how to utilize the power of the mind, we can create the best things for our lives. By train and develop the power of the mind, in addition to the intellectual and creative intelligence of our increase, also in stages of emotional intelligence and even spiritual intelligence we will grow and evolve to a higher level.

All of us are entitled and have the power to achieve an abundant life and get the best things in life. Overall this is a product of our conscious choice, based on our beliefs, and not from the product condition of our existence in the past and present. As said by Jack Canfield in his book The Power of Focus, that life does not just happen to us. Life is a series of choices and how we respond to every situation that happens to us.


No one is born to lose. Everyone is born to win. The Biggest And That difference separates the one from the other is the Willingness to learn, to change, and to grow.
These reflections will not mean much and would never be able to inspire us to achieve the best things in our lives, achieve abundant life, if each of us who read them do not have the will and desire to learn, to change and grow.


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