Love and Life

Plato asked for love and
life …

One day, Plato asked
teacher, “What is love? How
I find it? His teacher
replied, “There is a vast wheat field
in front there. “Go and
not be pulled back, then
Just take a twig. If you
find a branch that you deem
The most amazing, then you have
find love. ”

Plato walked forward, and
long, he returned with his hands
empty, without carrying anything.

His teacher asked, “Why do not you
take one twig? “Plato
replied, “I’m only allowed to bring
one only, and when walking was not
should step back (reverse). ”
Actually I have found that
The most amazing, but I do not know
whether there is even more remarkable
ahead, so I did not pick
these branches. As I
went even further, new
I realized that the branches which
not as good as I found later twig
that before, so I did not pick
sebatangpun in the end ”

His teacher then said “So yes
That’s love ”

On another day, Plato asked again
the teacher, “What is marriage?
How a I can find it? ”

His teacher replied “There is a forest
fertile in front there. Walk without
should step back (turns) and
you may only cut down one tree
only. And if you cut
find the highest tree,
because then you have found
what is marriage ”

Plato walked forward, and
long, he returned with
tree. Trees are not trees
fresh / fertile, and not too
too high. The tree is an ordinary

His teacher asked, “Why are you
cut trees like that? ”
Plato answered, “because according to
previous experience, after
explore nearly half the forest,
I turned back with his hands
empty. So this dikesempatan I
see this tree, and I think it is not
bad-very bad, so I decided
to cut them down and bring it
here. I do not want to eliminate
chance to get it ”

His teacher was then replied, “And yes
That marriage ”

Love is increasingly sought, the more
not found. Love the inside
heart, when it can withstand
desires and expectations are more.
When hope and desire
excess will love, then obtained
is a vacuum … there was nothing
obtained, and can not
pushed back again. Time and time
can not be played back. Accept
what love is.

Marriage is a continuation of
Love. Is the process of getting
opportunity, when we find that
The best among the options,
it will reduce the opportunity for
get it, When perfection
we want to get, then sia2lah
your time in getting marriage
that, because, in fact perfection
is hollow existence


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