Tips What Others liked

Have we ever thought about to be liked by others? Especially if the other person is a boyfriend or a loved one. Or when we will establish cooperation with others, of course we want to be loved by that person. Here are tips on how other people liked.

Actually the core of it comes from the ability to communicate and collaborate with others, because it is more important in achieving success than the other technical skills. This relates closely to how we treat others and how we respond to any other person’s actions against us.

In schools, offices, in our home environment, or anywhere else, we will be dealing with other people and there will be interaction with others. There are times when we could be the one favored in the association or be a nice person but instead can become apathetic or passive.

It causes us to think how we can be fun for others. There are two simple things that can answer that, that is what others need and we try to provide what she needs.

“What others need” within the association even if the person does not say is appreciation, attention, and support.

1. Award
This award is very important. Give sincere appreciation and to say candidly that makes people impressed us. The key of the award is “human beings”, makes the other person in the highest places. Give this award to any person, employee, staff, bosses, teachers, cleanning service, guard the office, and so forth.

2. Attention
When we talked to other people, things that can make us excited about the attention. In contrast also applies to our speaker. If other people looked at us when we talk, then we will be more eager to talk but if other people do not look left or right to see our faces, we would feel upset and even terminate the conversation.

Mention the name of another person with the right, expressing concern at his birthday is one way of expressing our concern to others.

3. Support
Here to provide support does not mean the material such as money or valuables, but with words. A compliment can be a support when we give encouragement to others who might have a broken heart, failed the exam, and so forth. By raising the enthusiasm of others is important, we can follow the wishes of that person, groove berfikirnya and support with a positive expression.

Anyone would not enjoy talking to people who are always full of grievances, vituperation, invective, and words that can make red ears. But what if we do not know how to say things to please others, that is by silent and listen to what he says with great interest. This is one of the praise we can give to anyone.

A journalist, Isaac F. Marcosson said that many people who fail in making a pleasant impression because he was not able to be attentive listeners.

That other people tips on how unpopular that may be useful for us. Give an award because they want respect, give attention to because they want attention, and dukunganlah them because they want to be supported, if we want others to like us, did according to their fun, too.


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