Guidance from Michael Jordan Dream Achieved by Arswino S

I always admire people who are willing to do more than that ordinary people do. People like Arnold Schwarzenegger and Bruce Lee. Or Michael Jordan. I wonder, how they do it? Look at Jordan. He and his team the Chicago Bulls won the NBA basketball competition 6 times. He has collected a number of individual awards like 5 NBA Player of the Year award (Most Valuable Player). NBA website even mentions that Michael Jordan is the best basketball player of all time. Jordan is someone who is very successful. So how did he achieve such success?

Here are some things we can learn from him.
Failure Is A Fair and Keep It

“I can accept failure, everyone fails in doing something. But I try to do it. ”

“I passed more than 9000 shots in my career. I suffered defeat in almost 300 games. 26 times, I was given the confidence to make shots that could determine the winning team and I failed. I repeatedly failed in my life, and that is why I succeed. ”

Failure is a definition you need to re-formulate in your mind. Failure is not something you should be seriously mistaken. But most people are too mean to be too serious failure. They think that the failures seem like the end of everything, that the sky will fall on them if they experience failure. But this sort of thing never happened.

If you look at successful people then you see that they have a different mentality with the mentality of the average. They know that there will be opportunities and new opportunities if they fail, and you can get a lot of learning from failure. This failure may be needed to achieve success. Without failure you do not get feedback and policies necessary for success in your future. By making mistakes, you can gain valuable experience. Read the experiences or mistakes made by others from the book is not the same with their own experience and gain experience.

Failure is an experience to gain valuable experience. That experience can help you. But you have to do it first. Without a try you will never won anything. You can read more about the power failure in Why You Do not Need to Worry With Failure.
Believe In Your Expectations

“If you accept the expectations of others, especially their negative expectations, then you can never change the outcome you want to accomplish.”

“It is a daunting task to try to do everything and satisfy all the people .. My job is to go to the field and play basketball as good as I could do, .. people may not agree with this opinion .. I can not live with the impression of each person about what I should or should not do. ”

“You have to have expectations for yourself before you can do something.”

You can not live through other people’s views or by what others expect of yourself. How to live like that will only make you miserable or change yourself depending on the mood of others. In the end, would be very difficult to change the outcome.

Rather than do that, do the validation and set expectations for yourself. Look at yourself you’re doing something, visualize. If you can not visualize yourself then you will have difficulty reaching it.
Know What You Want and Where You End

“I was not out there sweating for 3 hours every day just to find out what it’s like if I’m sweating.”

Know your reasons for doing something. Set a clear direction. And remind yourself every time to stay focused on what you want to go.
When You Are Out There, Do not Unencumbered By End Results

“I never consider the consequences when I failed to make shots .. when you think of the consequences, you tend to think of the negatives. ”

When it came time to compete, when you are in the field, do not think the end result. If you think too much about the end result you will feel nervous and make mistakes. These tips may help you if you are out there, competing. In such circumstances, one thing you can think of is your goal and the end result that you may achieve.

But when you play or work or whatever you do, keep disconnect yourself from your thoughts of the final result that you might achieve. Focus on things that are before you. And everything will become easier. This will reduce anxiety and stress for yourself. And you will perform better because you focus on things that are before you and do not burden yourself with negative things.
Barriers Will Always There. Do Until Things That Reduce Your Spirit

“If you try to achieve something, you will face obstacles. I also experienced it, each person also must have experienced it. But obstacles do not have to stop you. If you hit a dead end, do not turn around and give up. Find out how to climb or pass. ”

Do you really want to achieve your goal? Then you will find a way. But you must stay focused on what you want. Not on the things you do not want. If you focus on what you want, the solution will start popping up all around you.

I think you can see the barrier as a way for the world to test you, a way to test if someone really wants something. The people who really know what they want going through these obstacles and continue his journey while other people try to find other things more easily and more suitable for them. Or even stop to do so.
This Positive What Can We Learn from All This?

“Turn every negative situation into a positive situation.”

There is always a good thing that can be found in every case. Ask yourself “what positive things can I get from this?” This question allows you to gain valuable lessons from every setback and failure you experienced. This method is also a way to change a negative mood into something more positive and more constructive. This attitude is sometimes better and more useful than the weeping and regrets of yourself.
Fun Stay

“Play. Have fun. Enjoy the game. ”

Tips are closely associated with trying to release yourself from the shackles that burden yourself. When you do not feel burdened with the end result you want to achieve, you can enjoy what you are doing today.
If you are burdened with the end result that you want to achieve, then there is the possibility you will be caught up in negative thoughts are endless. For example: you can just think of something as simple as excessive and you can try to take the positive values ​​of your thoughts. Or cover yourself from your surroundings with the thinking of the possibility of negative results you can achieve. You can be dissolved in the thinking about the past or the future that are negative.

And if that happens, it will be difficult for you to have fun, to stay focused on the game, and to accomplish the things you want to achieve.


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