Facing Problems

I know that no one in this world who would refuse if he was born without problems and always be happy without a little sadness. But is it possible? Even they, you and I want to pay even if the number of dollars even if there are people who can make us born in this world and live in this world without any problems and depression at all. Always happy and even cheerful. I have a little story of inspiration that I quoted from a book that should quickly write to me here. This book title is “If you think you can, you can certainly implement and achieve what you want.” Let us refer to sample stories from this book together.

“Bung Norman,” my friends say hello. “Please release me from my override this problem, then I will give you a thousand dollars cash for the good of your service.” Of course I am not one who likes to turn down such a request. ” Therefore I ponder and consider the motion of my friends and come up with a solution that pretty well. At least a fairly realistic character. But George seems a bit shy apparently because he had already promised in 1000 dollars as a gift.

“That George,” Norman said. “I still want to help you. Therefore, let us break with the problem. I think you want to be free from all your problem is, is not it? As exhausted and thoroughly?

“Yes, Yes,” answered George. “I want to get out of all the problems I had in my life. I was bored and give up in the face of trials, trials and turmoil in life. I want to be free for ever. ”

“Well George, I’ve already got the answer,” said Norman. But I doubt whether you would accept my answer or not. Listen! Some time ago I was doing the task profesionalku, where I have to deal with the leaders of those groups that are more than tens of thousands in number. And no one from their own life issues. ”

Direct george bright face, his eyes bright joy-tahuannya desire. “There is a suitable place for me. I convey to it’s place. ” George said his joy.

“Well,” replied Norman. “But the place I mean is the cemetery.”

“And the fact is that George. That the cemetery was no one who has problems of life. For those who have become residents in the cemetery will never feel anxious because life is full of problems that have been passed to them. They have a break from work and work every day. They do not care about what we read in newspapers or newspapers, or even what we see ditelevisi they do not care. They had no more problems with life, they turned the problem on their life in the grave. Because they are not really alive and they are dead. “Tough Norman George.

Quoted from the Book When You Think You Can be Sure You Can Perform and He Sure Can You want

From the above story has been clear on how that is logical that the difficulties faced by mankind is the address of a life. The logic is to you that the more problems you face in life is the more widely did your chance to live that is open to you. An example of complicated problems facing the 10 will look more alive than the one of being apathetic and only had 5 problems.


The problem is not the reason we are to avoid it, but the problems we become more mature and more open face of this life.


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