Enjoying Difficulties and Challenges

Strength is not gained from sitting relaxed and easy job. We can ask the sportsmen, athletes bodybuilding for example. Everything comes from the difficulties and challenges. Bodybuilding athletes know that they must forge all their muscles to grow. And together with it, our characters will be forged with the difficulties that we encounter.

Without difficulty, we will not know the pleasure, let alone enjoy it. Difficulties in life, just so that we better recognize enjoyment of life. Every obstacle is successfully overcome, will make us stronger. Every challenge that we passed, resulting in a more perfect joy.

The challenge gives us the task to be done.

Imagine how dry life when everything just show up when we want. Appreciate the hard, since that time abundant opportunity. Arise a bitter challenge, and our lives will feel sweet.

Do We.??

Japanese fishermen use the help Kormoran live birds to catch fish. Kormoran is a type of fish-eating sea birds with webbed feet and a half of marsupials such as pelicans. The Japanese fishermen often clamp wing Kormoran and take approximately 10 to 12 tail Kormoran in a small boat, in addition tied with rope, Kormoran neck fitted with a small ring made of metal that fits neck sizes Kormoran.

Kormoran then released to catch fish. When the fish get, Kormoran could not swallow it because the fish can not get past the metal ring around his neck clipped. That’s when fishermen pulled Kormoran, then opened his mouth and took the fish in it, to further remove the Kormoran again catch fish. Kormoran will continue to dive and catch fish, although eventually the fish will always be taken by fishermen.


Wise Words Today:
To be happy one, … … … … fill his hands with work, his heart with affection, his mind with purpose, his memory with useful knowledge, his future with hope, and hunger with food.!


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