Decision of the father. author: Unknown

After a few songs of praise as usual on Sunday, the speaker of the church stood up and slowly walked to the pulpit to preach.

“A father and his son and his friends went sailing into the Pacific ocean,” he began, “when the storm quickly approaching and blocking the road to return to the land. The waves are very high, so even though the father of a seasoned sailor, he can no longer control the boat so the three of them thrown into the ocean. ”

Preacher paused, and looked into the eyes of two teenagers who listen attentively to the story. He continued, “By holding the rope rescue, the father must make very difficult decisions in his life …. to the child which would threw the rope rescue. He only had a few seconds to make a decision.

The father knew that his son was a follower of Christ, and he also knows that her friend was not. Struggles that accompany this decision making process can not be compared with the ferocious waves. When the father yelled, “I love you, my son!” He threw the rope to his friend. At the time she pulled her son’s friend to the side of the boat, his son had disappeared swallowed by the waves washed away into the night. His body was never found again. ”

At that time, two teenagers who sit in front, waiting for the following words from the mouth of the speaker. “The father,” the speaker continued, “knew that his son will enter eternity and saved by Jesus, and she could not imagine if his friends stepped in eternity without Jesus. Therefore, he sacrificed his own son. How great was the love of God, that he do the same to us. ” The speaker returned to his seat while silence filled the room.

Moments later, two teenagers sitting on the side of the speaker. “The exciting story,” a teen starting a conversation with a polite, “but I think it is unrealistic for the father to sacrifice his life just by hoping that his friend would become a follower of Christ.”

“Right, you’re absolutely right,” replied the speaker. A wide smile graced his face and then looked at the two teenagers and said, “Of course it is unrealistic not? But I’m here to tell you that story opened my eyes about what actually happened when God gave His Son for me.” Thou know … I was the boy’s friend. “


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