Benefits of Positive Thinking and Smiling

It is no doubt that only with positive thinking our bodies to be healthy, not sickly, or even successful in business. Indeed, with positive thinking veins our nerves become tense, so the mind becomes clear, easy to decide important matters. In addition to positive thinking, a smile is also very big influence on us. I often recommend friends to take the time to smile.

People who are sad can be happy with a smile. People anger will subside if you can smile. If you can not smile, forced to smile by pulling the end of lips like a man who was smiling. By the way has been proven to relax their nerves are tense.

In the book The Secret also disclosed that positive thoughts become the main base in achieving success. Even people who are sick will be healed just by thinking positive. But easy is it we are to think positive?

The question is of course the answer will vary depending on who is answering. When I do not know someone, I will be easy to think positive, but when I was already familiar with the skin-skin, rather difficult to think positive. For example when one of his friends have a habit like littering, or every time there he became dirty place, I’d be hard pressed to think that he is a person who always maintain the cleanliness. But I told myself to outsmart the “Oo maybe she did not know the importance of cleanliness.”

The more I do not like and hard to think positive is to see people who like to complain. A little complaining. Facing a small problem seem larger, and as if there is no way out. If you see people like this quickly I stayed away, afraid that the virus mengeluhnya.

So, to think positive and smile, the heart becomes calm, the mind becomes clear, the nerve is not strained, and work will become more so. Let’s start the days with positive thinking and a smile and gratitude!


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