7 Habits of Happy People by Arswino S

The people are happy to have a happy habit too; simple. The happiest people I know have 7 habits visible within them. If you want to make your life happier, you might want to consider doing the following habits in your life.

“Some people are happy in accordance with what they think.”
– Abraham Lincoln –

1. Join Take Part in Something You Interested – You can follow any activity. You can take part in religious activities, joining a group that supports a particular purpose, or climbing your career in earnest. In any activity you choose, psychological outcomes achieved have similar properties. Your take part fully in activities you enjoy. Such activities will provide happiness and meaning in your life.

2. Spend Time Together with Friends and Family – a happy life is the life that you spent with friends and family. The stronger the personal relationships you have and the more frequent interactions with friends and family, the more you are happy too.

3. Think Positive Things – Often people are too focused on negative things and not leaving time to reflect on the things they were able to achieve positive. It is natural for someone to correct the situation that does not comply with their wishes and their focus on this but there must be a balance in place yourself. It is important to reflect on the good things you earn while you correct the bad things. Remind yourself constantly of personal success that you achieve each day will have a significant positive impact on your emotional happiness.

4. Use of Resources You Have – The average person usually feels amazed when they see someone who has a physical shortage showing signs of emotional happiness. How could someone who is in such physical condition that can look so happy? The answer lies in how they use the resources at their disposal. Stevie Wonder could see, so he uses the ability to hear in the music world, and he now has 25 Grammy trophies as proof.

5. Create a Happy Ending Any Time – The strength of the final is an amazing thing. End of an experience that one can change the perception of the whole person. Imagine you’re reading a novel that provoke your mind. Now imagine the end of the novel was very bad. Although his story is very tense until moments before the end, whether you would still recommend the novel to others? People always remember the ending. If the end is happy ending, it also creates the experience feeling happy. Finish what you are doing, finish in good condition, and create a happy ending in your life if possible.

6. Use Personal Power To Solve Something – Every person has a unique personal strengths. We have different talents and expertise. Happiness is emotion will come naturally to those who use their personal power to accomplish something. When you managed to achieve something because of your own skills, then the psychological rewards that you earn is worth.

7. Enjoy Every happiness that you Reach – the best things you can enjoy in this world are free. These appear in a simple form and appears in front of you at the time and place that is not you might have guessed. Such happiness is governed by nature in certain situations and was captured by our senses. Such moments may occur when you are looking at the sunset light reflection from a pond when you’re holding the hands of the people you care. Recognizing the emergence of such moments will lead to unexpected happiness in your life.


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