Hi! You must know that to live a successful and happy life can be achieved by positive thinking. Maybe my friends had ever heard of this good advice from friends, tips positifkolega thinking, books, journals until from the famous motivator. But how many among you who still can not really practice it in everyday lifestyle! Ntah as confused or still asleep with the old mindset that tends to negative. Well, here will be shared tips on how to develop a positive mindset to keep it circulating in your lifestyle everyday. The trick, of course, with the mindset to recognize the characteristics of people who think positively. Let’s try to imitate his way of thinking.
1. Seeing problems as challenge
Try to compare it with those who see problems as trials of life that are too heavy and make his life as if the most miserable in the world.
2. Enjoying life

Positive thinking will make someone accept the situation with a big heart, although not mean he did not attempt to achieve a better life.
3. Open mind to accept suggestions and ideas

So that you accept the new things that can change your life for the better.
4. Get rid of negative thoughts immediately after the thought crossed my mind
If you keep negative thoughts for long, you might even wake the sleeping lion who should not have anything even cause problems.
5. Grateful for what the
And rather than complaining about things that are not owned.
6. Do not listen to gossip uncertain
It was common gossip that his good friends with negative thoughts. Because of that positive thinkers will try to avoid to engage in talk that is not any good.
7. No excuses, but went straight for action
You would never hear the words of NATO (No Action Talk Only). What is clear, positive thinkers is not the adherents of this stream. Likewise with the Naro (No Action Review Only), NADO (No Action Dream Only), NACO (No Action Concept Only), Nabo (No Action Briefing Only), Namo (No Action Meeting Only), and naso (No Action Strategy Only .)
8. Using positive language
Use sentences that bernadakan optimism, such as: “I definitely can!”, “No problem is too difficult to solve.”, “She is talented.”
9. Using positive body language
Like a smile, walking with firm steps, expressive hand movements, or a nod. The positive thinkers used to talk with intonation and body movements in a friendly, enthusiastic and alive.
10. Care about self-image
By trying to look good. Not only outside but also inside.


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