Little anglers

On the banks of a river, looks a little kid having fun. He played the clear water there. Every now and then hand dipped into the cool river. The boy looked so enjoy the game.

In addition to playing, the child is also often noticed an elderly uncle who almost every day come to the river for fishing. Every time you play in the river, each time he saw his uncle was always engrossed handed pole. Sometimes the catch is only a little. However, not infrequently also obtained numerous fish.

One afternoon, while the uncle prepared to go home with the fish that almost fills the basket, the boy tried to approach. He greeted his uncle with a smile happy. Seeing the child approached him, the uncle say hello first. “Hey kid, you want to fish? Choose just what you like and take some tail. Take it home and ask your mother to cook it as a side dish dinner tonight,” said the friendly uncle.

“No, thank you Uncle,” replied the boy.

“Lo, uncle noticed, you almost every day to play here, looking at uncle fishing. Now there are fish that uncle offered to you, why do you refuse?”

“I like watching Uncle fishing, because I want to be fishing like Uncle. What is Uncle would teach me how to fish?” the boy asked hopefully.

“Wah wah wah. It turns out you’re a smart kid. By learning to fish you can get as much as you want to fish in this river. All right. Because you do not want to fish, uncle give you this fishing pole. Tomorrow we start fishing lesson, huh?”

The next day, the boy eagerly returned to the riverbank to learn fishing with his uncle. They put bait, throw a fishing line into the river, waiting patiently, and hup … hook was sunk into the river with an attractive bait fish to eat. For a moment, the bait looks rocked the crowd approached the fish. At that moment, when there are fish that eat the bait, the uncle and the boy was immediately rushed to pull the stick with the fish hook in the end.

And so on. Every time managed to attract fish, then throw them back that has been given a bait hook. Put it back, tossed into the river, waiting to eat the fish, remove the hook from the fish’s mouth, to the afternoon arrived.

When near home, the boy who enjoy a day fishing with his uncle asked, “Uncle, learn to fish or just put it this way there is another moment?”

Hearing the question, the uncle smiled wisely. “Yes my son, yes fishing just put it this way. All you have to practice is patience and perseverance through it. Then focus on the goals and concentrate on what you are doing. Learning to provoke the same as learning in this life, every day repeating the same thing. But surely that must be repeated that good stuff. Patience, persistence, focus on goals and concentrate on what you are doing, then what is the goal could be achieved. “


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