vendor letter

Sample Vendor Letter

August X, 2005






City, State Zip Code


Dear XX;


On (DATE OF WALK), I will be walking with the (COMPANY NAME) team in the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation Walk To Cure Diabetes at (LOCATION).  (COMPANY NAME) has set a goal to raise (GOAL) and I am hoping you will join us by doing one of the following:


  • Take A Leadership Role: Form your own team within your company. Simply designate a Team Captain(s), set a goal, recruit walkers, collect pledges, and then join us on September 17th.
  • Make A Corporate Contribution: Support our team and write a check payable to JDRF and mail it to me.
  • Walk With Me On My Team: Collect pledges, get a T-shirt, come share the camaraderie, and feel great in knowing that you helped save a life!


I am sure that you get solicited by several non-profit organizations each year, just as I do. However, in May I attended a luncheon on behalf of the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation and was truly impressed by the organization and its cause.


Thanks in part to JDRF, researchers feel that a cure IS in sight. Much of the groundbreaking research that has been conducted has been funded by the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation. In fact, JDRF is the largest private funder of diabetes research in the world. And, out of every dollar JDRF raises, more than an impressive 80 cents is channeled directly into diabetes research and education projects.


The JDRF (name of chapter) Chapter’s goal is to raise $XX,000 for diabetes research. Based on JDRF’s history – I am sure that they will reach, if not exceed, this impressive goal!


I sincerely hope that you will join me and help us reach our ultimate goal – A WORLD WITHOUT DIABETES. If you would like to form your own team, please contact (staff) at the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation at (phone number). Thank you for your time and consideration.






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