supplier letter

Dear Sir,


E-procurement and trading with the Council

As part of the Government’s Modernisation Programme, xxx Council will be undertaking a programme of change

affecting the way it trades with its existing and potential suppliers/contractors for the procurement of supplies,

services and the executions of works.

From 1st April 2xxx, the first phase will commence. This will entail conventional paper orders raised by the

Council being replaced by an electronic order either in the form of a fax or an e-mail. Invoices can be sent by

the supplier/contractor to the Council by the same method. The second phase will be introduced when

technology allows the electronic interchange of data between the Council and the supplier/contractor (and vice


The purpose of this letter is to inform you of the Council’s plans from 1st April 2xxx and to ensure that the

information the Council holds on your company is up-to-date, allowing orders to be sent to the correct address

by the appropriate electronic means. I should be grateful therefore if you could complete and return the attached

form to the above address no later than Monday 17th September 2xxx. A prepaid envelope is enclosed for this


It may be that you would like to discuss these changes further or have concerns about your ability to meet the

Council’s requirements. If so, please telephone xxxxxxxx who will be pleased to arrange a visit from one of their

advisors. Their telephone number is xxxx xxxxxxx. This is a free local authority service to local businesses. It

provides free and impartial advice about the Internet and electronic commerce. It can also offer grant funding to

help business develop their first website.


Yours faithfully



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