personal need letter


Arjuna street

Re: Fendi


Dear Fendi,

It is a pleasure to write this personal letter of recommendation for Fendi.

I have known John for about 10 years now. He is of strong character and ethic, both on the job and off the job. I had the pleasure to work with John for eight years at Jim Bobs Weighing Systems. He routinely met or exceeded the goals he was given. John proved his worth to the company in many ways, perhaps none more evident than his excellent problem solving skills.

While John’s welding skills were impeccable, it was the other skills he brought to the table that made him stand out from the crowd. John suggested a method for our conveyer system that was implemented, saving the company thousands of dollars each year. John was given several awards during his time with our company. His strong work ethic and leadership skills will be sorely missed. John was the rare welder that was able to transcend the position, going beyond the normal requirements of a welder, and improving those around him.

I would personally urge you to consider hiring John Doe. You will quickly realize that he is among the best in the welding industry. I only wish our company was not going through layoffs, so we could keep John employed. Sadly, he does not have enough seniority to avoid the layoffs.








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