Keeping Dreams

Before a tree can grow tall, he first had its roots planted deep into the ground, in order to obtain nutrients. Same with your dreams. If you want to dream turned into reality, you have to find ways to feed and maintain your dream.

It is not realistic to expect that you can reach the stars, without first planting roots in solid ground. Dreaming is easy – something that is living in dreamland. But make it happen in the real world need to fight hard.

Without strong roots, even the tallest trees and encouraged – to be uprooted. Without continuous learning, be disciplined, maintain integrity, commitment, fortitude, patience, and effort – even the dreams of the most likely and most severe – will be uprooted.

Dreams and goals you need maintenance. Embed this dream root
you are as deep and as wide as possible – until there is no limit as high as
what bag you will reach …


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