funny stories

This is a story about a pedicab driver. The pedicab driver has only rickshaw and pedicab drivers are from sipiongot (from inland). One day, the pedicab is viewed by a policeman when breaking signs marked “Pedicab banned.”
The Tailor pedicab it goes into the existing road
signs with a line crossed pedicab pictures
black, which means that road should not be
entered rickshaw.

Do you not see that picture? That’s
rickshaw image should not enter this road.
(Snapped the officer with a loud voice)

Tailor Pedicab:
Oh I see the pack, but that
empty rickshaw picture. It contains my rickshaw, here
I was driving. (Answer the repairman
rickshaw with a flat voice)

Stupid!! What can not you read? Under
picture that was no writing that pedicab
forbidden to enter. (The police officer again shouted out loud)

Tailor Pedicab:
Yes sir, I can not read, if I
I can read it like a cop
father, not so such pedicab
this. (Answer the pedicab driver while

The police officer was silent (“_”) ,,,,,


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