my longing

As far as my eyes looked

I can not see the warmth of a cheerful jokes and your laughter

Because now I was away from the place where you are

My wish is to always be with you

See you laugh and cry

Seeing you grow into a cute little girl

Spruce up your hair, take you to go to school, teach you a lot of things you need to learn

Joking with you

Until finally closes a dark sun

I saw you fall asleep like a little fairy that fatigue

And when the dawn began to fissure

I’ll be there when you open your eyes

I would say good morning to you

Hug your body a little amid the chill morning air

And again do wonderful things with you

But … ..

Now I can only hear your voice over the phone

I hold you in about a utopian

And joking with you in the dream

I also can not see the behavior you are funny

And not to see you grow into a cute little girl

I miss my brother ..

Really miss you …

When will all of that will return the LORD ….?

Give me more opportunity to feel those moments of the LORD ….


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