I love you

I love you ..
distinguished first ..
as if there is an interesting magnetic attraction
I do not know whether it’s power
but certainly you can make
pulse stops my breath like
my life is always cheerful …
just because my chisel in my heart your face

I love you ..
I admit it
I was difficult to vomit taste
flushed even reluctant to talk miss
pronounce the words of love
but with everything you want
I spit what is hidden
so you can understand ..

I love you ..
although no definite sign of node
without bond nexus liver
I’m happy this way ..
let nostalgia and wonder that
can make our hearts so close always
The power because it is more to know everything ..

I really love you ..
but I love myself more
because I was afraid of affection that go too far
you could make me hurt myself ..
could undermine the strength of the re-
I defend.
and I was most afraid of if
all of a sudden you lost .. like them
so let’s implicit and explicit
hold tightly in the folds of my heart
Divine blessings sure if there is so belongs to me ..

You who I love, I pray the best for your ..


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