Embroidery and Persistence

Once upon a time there was a young man who lived in a small town named town Kroja. This young man enrolled at a university in Yogyakarta and the children boarding there. This young man has the desire, he had a bike in his home and this young man wanted to bring his bike to a rented place in jogja. But then this young man to think, how to bring his bike to jogja? If he rented a car, will cost more. Then an idea came mind, the only way that bike until at jogja is biased in a way, he pedaled his bicycle from his home down to jogja. But this young man re-think, the journey from Kroya to jogja not a short trip, by car only takes four to five hours of travel, how to use the bicycle? This young man wondered to himself.

Embroidery of this young man was made, somehow, his bikes have to get to jogja. Finally, that morning with enthusiasm, embroidery and perseverance to achieve goals that he wants, this young man set off at six in the morning from his home, ride my bike to jogja. The journey was tiring with risks and a lot to this young man faced the street. However, embroidery and perseverance to beat fatigue and hurdles to these youth face. This young man tireless and continued pedaling his bicycle. Promptly at half past five that afternoon, with a face full of satisfaction for having managed to bring his bike until at jogja, in place rented. From six o’clock in the morning until six o’clock he fought with untiring.

This story may be simple but hopefully through this story can inspire us to be able to have spirit, embroidery and persistence in achieving the aspired goals. It will be so many obstacles in the way we achieve the goals we all aspire, but do not let these obstacles hinder and discourage us. And keep doing the best we can do in our lives.


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